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Looking for a Professional Voice Over Artist?

Sankar's voice would be delighted to partner with you for all your voice over requirements in any Indian language and a wide range of international languages. Being a voice over artist, Sankar understands the need to deliver quality voice overs with a quick turnaround. Sankar and his team will be delighted to assist you with the most relevant voiceover services in India and talent to help your video impact your audience.

How can we help you? ​

How can we help you? ​

If you have a voice over requirement, reach out to us and we will take care of the rest. As one of the leading voice over services in India, all our voice overs come with the assurance of quality from a team of audio professionals who have years of industry experience. Over the last seven years, Sankar and his team have worked on a host of genres in the world of voice-overs like

  • Commercials

  • Radio Jingles

  • Documentaries

  • Audio Books

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sankar's Voice Over is best in the industry?

In Sankar’s Voice Over, we have a solution to all your needs. Catering to all Indian languages and a wide range of international languages, this is a one-stop destination for your voice over needs. With years of experience and understanding of the voice over industry, Sankar and his team will ensure you the experience of the most relevant voice over services.

How much do voice over artists charge in India?

We offer the finest remuneration as per industry standard. For further details call/mail us.

How is the career of a Voice Over artist in India?

Being a career field that’s still being explored, a career as a voice over artist in India might seem like an unknown choice but is full of possibilities. The roles and responsibilities offered to a voice over artist are varied, including basic voice over activities to radio jingles. With experience, one can grab many relevant and high value projects such as dubbing for films, TV shows, and even cartoons. The pay scale also increases as one gets more well versed in the field.

How to choose the best Voice Over agency in India?

Choosing the right voice over agency might seem like a daunting task but once you become clear of exactly what you require as a client, it becomes easier to find the right one for you. With a plethora of voice over services available in the market, it’s extremely important to find the one you click with the most.
Take your time to check the service provider’s experience in this field and your voice over artist’s acting ability and vocal versatility. Not only that, but one should also test the demographics and long term sustainability before coming to any conclusion. In Sankar’s voice, it’s ensured that all the points mentioned above are catered to, and the best outcome is delivered. This makes us one of the best voice over services in India.

How to become a Partner with Sankar's Voice?

Do you have valuable inputs and need the perfect platform to showcase talent? If yes, Sankar’s voice is the perfect place for you. Partnering with us is hassle free. Visit, choose the option ‘Partner with Us‘ from the homepage, fill in your details and click submit your request. That’s all it takes.

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