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In radio, the voice not only tells the story –
it Is the story.

Radio is a super fun medium to work with. It throws different challenges at me. Characters voiced on radio are the second soul to the program; the first one being the story. They are completely voice driven and that is where they salvage the whole story. They are a non-visual media and yet make a great impact on the listeners.

Since the establishment of commercial radio, to the age of SW, AM, FM, and now, the contemporary Internet Radio, the medium has only got stronger in its reach to its listeners.

The radio shows have grown larger and so has the range of programs and marketing opportunities.

Radio, a faithful companion has given scope to voice over artists like no other medium. As a voice over artist and a provider of radio voice over services in India, providing my clients with various radio voice over services in India, radio presents me with ample opportunity to be whoever I want to be.

One moment I could be playing an angry citizen and the next I am a superhero. I can be an animate object where my voice can give life to an object like a flowerpot, a bed or a carpet. True story!

I may be a broken sofa who got its wooden legs and cushions back. Voila!


My profile is listed on a number of voice over sites all over the web, but let me share my voice’s keywords with you here. My voice (and I suppose my personality) has been described as:

How can a voice over portray narratives of change?

That’s the beauty of the difference between voice overs for a TV spot versus a radio spot or even voice over services for a podcasts. After all, radio conjures up the imagination. In television, the voice runs parallel to the story and bridges the gap between the visuals and the understanding of the audience. Some things are better said and not just shown.

While on radio, the voice not only tells the story – it becomes the story. Try it yourself. You wouldn’t buy products shown on TV if you had your eyes closed. An artist is trained to understand the nuances of the story which can only be told and with correct tones and modulation; a voice becomes one with the character.

What is the right style of the voice over on Radio?

Descriptively, an ideal voice for radio is usually referred to as a voice that comes across as - TRUSTWORTHY, DILIGENT, SHARP, QUICK-WITTED, RELIABLE, CONFIDENT, EMPATHIC, TALKATIVE, HIGH-VOLTAGE, PLIABLE, EMOTIONAL, SENSITIVE and SMOOTH.

These moods are prerequisites depending on the character and the theme of the radio program. While branding, companies prefer a voice that is authentic yet mesmerising and that craft comes with experience and understanding of the characters you play for the audience you address. As an experienced voice over artist and a provider of customer-oriented and exceptional radio voice over services in India, I could assure you to offer with nothing but the best.


It is natural to wonder if the artist can do justice to the brand’s product or services and be the right voice for the brand.
It is easy to read from a paper script but feeling the character and portraying the same on-air is the real game-changer.
Are you looking for the right tone and style in the voice over for your script
to hook the listeners into liking and purchasing your brand offerings?

I am confident to say, I AM the right fit! I GET IT!


You can start by sending me a script sample to record and a lot of things can change over a cup of coffee.

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