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Video content is becoming an increasingly popular choice among all digital media consumers today. According to a YouTube statistic, by the year 2020, over 85% of the internet content will be Videos. Isn’t that amazing? It’s by far the fastest-growing way to communicate with the masses out there and if the content is good, you become an overnight internet sensation. 

What makes up for good content? Is it just the visual or the music or something else?

It is the voice over that explains a lot more than what visuals alone can do. Voice over for explainer videos as well as voice over-artists for explainer videos aims to elaborate on things happening in the video and that makes it more relatable and engaging for the viewers. Voice over for explainer videos generally work like online tutorials for almost any concept ranging from healthcare, yoga, fashion trends, software operation, travel, lifestyle, etc.


In this age of information overload and a fast paced life, video is fast becoming the preferred way to market your product and services and sharing information about your brand with your current and potential customers. Why should people have to wade through pages of endless text when they can simply click and play the information, all in just a few seconds? Voice overs supplement the videos with a human touch and facilitate spreading the message easily and quickly. It’s the format for the youth and elderly alike. 


How are Web Videos different from Corporate Films?

The two should not be confused. Corporate films are usually for an already engaged audience – be it a training film for new employees or a presentation of a factory to potential investors or just a branding video. They can be posted online for better visibility and are guaranteed to be seen by their target audience.

Conversely, an explainer video or a web video is open for any viewer who visits your website or your video streaming web channel.

Is voice over
a value-add?

Of course! Good visuals and a swanky design can only get you so far. Once viewers find you online and visit your webpage, they don’t want to just see, but also want to hear about your brand too.

And all this needs to happen quickly, within a few seconds, since the human attention span has shortened from 7 seconds to just 3 seconds.

In this scheme of things, a voice over buys you visitor time by another 5 seconds, thus improving the chance of piquing their interest.

Want to work with the right video voice over artist?

You have come to the right place, and to the right person for your next web video voice over. Be it human stock footage, newly shot video, or an animation. Working on voice overs is tremendous fun. With me, all your language and accent requirements will be fulfilled. A perfect fit for video voice overs, I will get it all right, based on your video needs and the aim of your message.

Does the voice over fit the bill??

Voice overs are always relevant.
The competition, however, makes it difficult for the known voices to be rebranded by others.
However, a skilled voice artist has the dexterity to fit well in your video focussed at a specific market.
And I promise to offer that.

I invite you to listen to my Explainer and web videos voice over demos before you decide to connect with me.
Or if you’d prefer to discuss things first,
I am just a call away.

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