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What is Narrative Storytelling and Strategies Required?

Storytelling has been a part of our lives since our existence. Ever since childhood, parents would use stories as their ultimate weapon, whether that be trying to feed their kids, put them to bed, or even educate them about big life lessons otherwise too complicated for their delicate brains. 

The technology of voice over has been flourishing for the last few years or maybe a decade. Even though it has been around since 1928, starting with Disney's "Steamboat Willie," voiced by Walt Disney himself as Mickey, many do consider the technology of voice over as a pretty new phenomenon. And the reason is that only rece...

What are the Different Types of Translation You Should Know?

Technology has never ceased to amaze us. Over the years, it has given us amazing inventions that made our lives easier and more comfortable but also brought us all closer to each other, marking a new era called globalization.

And one such technology is translation. Undeni...

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